10K USD app and 5K MVP and ….


What’s up!

Today we talk about app development that costs high because of UI & UX must match eachother, the front-end and back-end needs teams each!

Costs of app developpement costs high not because of greedy devloppers but because of technologies involved and teams work on your app.

So we at KickMyApp are serial entrepreneurs, Me myself & Nesrine (CFO) created each many successful start-ups and we know the hassle and so we decided to create KickMyApp, revolutionary model fits and make everyone happy

So whatever you’re entrepreneur, company, start-up we’ll satisfy your needs

What we offer is

App developpement for $10K budget

MVP for only 5K usd

and….. investment ! 10% equity in exchange of building the technology (app) and tech support of your start-up!

we may ask for small financial commitment from you to work perfectly!

For investment inquery : letsplay@kick-myapp.com

For App & MVP : letsplay@kick-myapp.com

So let’s do it! let’s play! drop us e-mail and we’ll discuss your whatever your project is!

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